ArhiPLUS Design

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  • consultancy | project management | site management

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A team of architects with an innovative vision.

We seek to explore the full diversity of architectural practice, understanding it as a critical cultural act that engages our most fundamental desires and aspirations.

What we do

We work with our clients
to identify their needs.

Our company was founded on the principles of reason and proportion. We believe that successful design is achieved through clear objectives, a logical process and creative execution.

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Architecture & design

A fresh vision of architecture: as art, as technology, as social service, as environmental agent, as political statement. We embrace all these definitions, together, as part of the rich, complex and vital discipline that we believe architecture to be.


We believe that successful engineering design is achieved through clear objectives, a logical process and creative execution. We embrace the power of engineering design to transform the ordinary into the sublime.

Project management

Our clients’ satisfaction is our primary focus. The challenges they face are the real starting points of our inspiration and innovation. We offer complete project & site management services through which we help materialize our clients’ needs.


We’re a business for the new economy: centered on sustainability, thriving on
collaboration, and backed by limitless creativity.

Commercial Projects

We take pride in delivering attractive design and unquestionable functionality for our commercial developments.

Industrial Projects

We are specialized in the industrial field delivering intelligent designs and engaging experiences for our clients.

Residential Projects

Our company offers full design services in residential projects field ranging from single to large scale housing developments.

  • ...well elaborated design, with comprehensive technical data, modern, simple & correct solutions...
    arh. Dan Boldeanu, project manager, BUREAU VERITAS
  • ...strong knowledge, good coordination and a high degree of involvement in order to see the project through...
    eng. Radu Ouatu, general manager, APOLODOR COMIMPEX
  • ...very good and strong support during all the project phases...solid and reliable supplier, experts in their field...
    eng. Daniel Gugu, project manager, WDP DEVELOPMENT